The Journey of infertility is long and hard. There are others who walk this road with me, and I pass them not knowing they and I share the same problem. But I know that we share the same feelings.

Our thoughts as infertility couples, however, are probably less in the same direction. I am sure, like me, they think why does God answer our little prayers and not this big one for which I have been waiting for years. We are told that God does things he wants to do. But the “why” question remains unanswered. There are feelings of hopelessness and emptiness. One looks around and there are a million things to be thankful to God. But in deep pondering moments, the intense desire to have a baby to hold and cuddle remains unfulfilled. As an infertile couple many questions come to mind. For example, why is the labor class so fertile? Why do some people dump their offspring in a garbage dump like a thing of disuse? Was it not possible for God to give that child to us instead? How many people have induced abortions? Why is it that the Master’s plans sometime remains unchanged?
The desire to conceive remains forever. To fulfill our desire we came to LIFE twelve years ago. My husband and I underwent five cycles of IUI. I was twenty-eight years when I underwent my first IUI cycle. It was a failure. Having been infertile for four years, the feeling was like it was the end of the world. However, through the support of my husband and family, we decided to go on. All these feelings came and went. We continued with three more cycles of IUI but to no avail. Then we were introduced to IVF.
The stress continued but so did the support and the treatments. We underwent five cycles of IVF. In between the first 2 IVF cycles, we underwent 2 frozen cycles as well. We were finally rewarded in our 5th attempt of IVF.
Now we are blessed with a baby daughter. Our joy is unspeakable. We were lucky along the 15 other couples that conceived that month. The journey is long but the destination is beautiful.