Dr. Nighat Mahmood


Dr. Nighat Mahmood



Dr. Nighat Mahmood has been with our facility for the last fifteen years. She joined as a medical officer of gynecology and obstetrics. Later, She developed an interest in infertility and has been serving infertile couples in the capacity as an embryologist. She has strong ability to successfully investigate various aspects of infertility, perform diagnostic services, and therapeutic embryological procedures. She is effective at communicating with patients about specific treatment options and counseling. In short, she has complete understanding of reproductive biology, embryology, infertility, and assisted reproductive technology to aid in reproduction and achieve pregnancy.
During Medical training and as a medical officer at the labor room of Hameed Latif Hospital, Dr. Nighat has performed deliveries, C-sections and minor gynecological procedures. She has a good knowledge of ante-natal care. Her earlier schooling at International School, has given her good ground on which her communication skills and a broad outlook is based. On completion of her clinical training she opted for training as an embryologist and joined embryology lab in 2007 at LIFE. After her intensive training for four years she continues at LIFE as embryologist and at present she is incharge of quality control of IVF lab at LIFE.