Mr. Kausar Sidiqi

Lab Director

Mr. Kausar Sidiqi



Mr. Kausar Sidiqi has been with our institute since its infancy stage in 1985. His talent was recognized very early in his life and when our institute pioneered he was recruited by Prof. Rashid. He joined as a Lab-Technician. By hard work and devotion of his life to the IVF lab he is now the IVF Lab Director. He has been an immense asset to the IVF lab. His work performance and management of the lab is highly commendable. He is bright and self-motivated individual. He is capable of achieving any goals given to him. He is extremely talented at picking up new techniques and operating new state of the art instruments. He is a valuable resource and we look upon him as our innovative person tool for our labs direction and progress. His experience and skills are comparable with any pioneer in this technology.